Final program to be confirmed and is subject to change.


You all now have some safety training and have learnt some new skills. On the river use what you have learnt. Plan you entry and exit points, have a plan b and c just in case, use good communications, river signals, scout, portage if you don’t feel comfortable running a rapid, support, help and coach each other 😉

There is a lot of valuable knowledge and experience in the group, if you have any questions or would like help just ask 😉 Also remember there are Kokopelli, MRS, and Alpacka rafts and gear available for demo.


  • There is no official program for the day. Make your own group’s and explore the awesomeness of the Soca. Be safe.



  • 2000hrs – Workshop/ presentation on route planning and preparation for wilderness adventures presented by Gabriel Gersch. Meet at fire pit.

Tuesday :


  • Last full gathering as a group with some spot prizes and other fun. The aim is to have people start rolling out from around lunchtime. Post meet-up trips will begin today. You will have time to get to a trail-head and begin a multi-day packrafting adventure this afternoon if that’s your plan :).



Things to do for non-river-users :

  • The Soca valley is a beautiful region surrounded by wonderful mountains, We highly invite you to explore. (Max can give you some tips if you ask him 😉 )
  • There is a fascinating war museum about the Soca valley located in Kobarid (about 15km away).
  • WW1 remains – There is an outdoor museum on the scenic Kolovrat with trenches, &  the picturesque church on Javorovica near Tolmin.
  • It is possible to rent bicycles in Bovec and cruise up and down the valley through family friendly trails. If you are serious about mountain biking, there is a wonderful bike park (Kranjska Gora) just on the other side of the national park. We recommend an All-mountain/ Enduro or DH bike to enjoy the trails to the fullest.
  • Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora, is 30min drive and is wonderful place to relax and enjoy the national park.
  • The capital city of Slovenia “Ljubljana” is 1h30 drive away, and can be a great day/ weekend trip.
  • The Boka waterfall, located in Boka (10min drive from camp) is the highest in the country, an easy, family friendly hike will get you to the bottom.
  • Also the waterfall – Kozjak, just outside of Kobarid is well worth a visit.
  • Iconic lake Bled is 1h away from Bovec.
  • Lake Bohinj is 1h30 away (30 away from Lake Bled) from the campsite and offers a pristine environment to relax and enjoy the natural beauty Slovenia has to offer.

There will be some trips happening both before and after the event. If you are coming from overseas and you hope to maximize your time in Europe we suggest you post in the “Packrafting in Europe” or “Packrafting meet up Europe” Facebook group.

General information will be on the event site and shared through a new Facebook page: “Packrafting meet up Europe”

Important updates or information will be emailed directly to people who are officially registered for this event.





Program is still a work in progress and will evolve as people request topics they would like to learn about and others volunteer to run presentations or workshops. The program is flexible and is given as an outline for the weekend. It will change depending on weather and needs of the group.

The Facebook page for the event can be found here: www. facebook. com/groups/572512919760946/

This event will run for 4 days from Saturday 28th April until Tuesdays 1st May. You’re welcome to show up anytime from 10am on Friday the morning before. On arrival you’ll need to sign in to Camp Liza and pay your camping fee’s. Let them know you are registered for the packrafting meet up to receive a discount on camp fee’s. They will then direct you to the area of the camp grounds where the meet up will be held.

Many people will be arriving on Friday morning and heading off on packrafting trips on local rivers during the day. Nothing official will be happening until Saturday.

Workshops & presentations will be held over the entire 4 days : These will be based on interest from participants (so please be sure to state your priorities when you fill out your online registration form).

As the program evolves information will be sent directly to people who are registered for this event.

Planned group packrafting runs only listed up to Class III, with the reason being that although their are paddlers coming who are capable of higher grade white water it is not something that the organizers of this event event wish to take responsibility for organizing. That said the possibility to self organize your own paddling groups will be made available as will all the necessary information about flows, river sections and local knowledge where possible.

A general notice board will be put up during the event for people to post about :

  • Trips happening before and after the event.
  • Gear to trade or sell.
  • Packrafting related information.
  • Paddling groups to paddle different sections of rivers / grades of white water.

Friday :


  • Social evening for whoever is here.

​Saturday :


  • Arrivals, Setting up camp.
  • Get to know each other.
  • Plan for a self catered group lunch in camp.
  • 1100hrs – Skippers meeting. If you have whitewater rescue training, or significant experience  meet at the fire pit to discuss group safety strategy for paddling the river.


  • 1300hrs – Group introduction and safety talk.
    • Intro to the Soca River, local knowledge on sections to paddle, hazard’s etc.
  • 1430hrs – Split into groups based on skill level and experience for an afternoon paddle or workshops, depending on needs and desires of groups. We will need to car pool for the shuttle.


  • 1900hrs – Meeting officially as a group for a welcome dinner at the restaurant  at Camp Liza
  • 2030hrs – Presentation “Developing a culture of safety” – Presented by Seon.
  • 2130hrs – Drinks and social evening.

Sunday :


  • 0900hrs – Gear outfitting and trade fair. How to outfit your boat, pack choice, choosing a PFD, etc. A time to get nerdy and talk gear / Trade-fair –  so bring all the gear you don’t need anymore and you may be able to make a trade or some extra cash !.
  • 1000hrs – Safety presentation by Seon
  • 1130hrs – Leaving camp ready for a day on the river. Bring a packed lunch !
    • One group to paddle class 3 from camp down to Cezsoca (Prijon Centre)
    • One group to walk down to Cezsoca (Prijon Centre) 30mins walk.
    • Mass packrafting run Class I, II, with the goal to ” Share the knowledge within the group” (Be packed and ready for departure from the campground at 1100hrs !!)  We will need to car pool for the shuttle.
  • 1230hrs – All Ready to paddle from Cezsoca (Prijon Centre)
    • Day of building on the skills we have already learnt and learning more. Swimming rapids, Throw bagging, Scouting, Eddie turns, Ferry glides, River communications, Etc
    • Throw bagging and whitewater swimming competition.
  • 1630hrs + – ish – Aiming for take out at Spenica1
  • Optional class 2/3 run for those that wish to take out at Spenica2

Afternoon back at camp

  • 1800 – Fire lighting in any conditions – Presented by Seon
  • Fire lighting practice and competition.


  • 1900hrs – BBQ Bring your food.
  • 2030hrs – Movie premier “Patagonia’s Blue Heart”
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