What to bring:

Your personal packrafting kit. (If you don’t have one yet, you can demo gear or also rent gear for the full time. Contact us if you would like to rent gear.

We recommend to bring the following gear :

  • Packraft
  • Paddle (2 or 4 piece breakdown paddle is best)
  • * Whitewater helmet (not a bike helmet)
  • * Approved whitewater PFD
  • Throw bag and other paddling-specific safety/rescue kit that you normally bring on trips.
  • Dry bags (or whatever waterproofing system you use).
  • Hiking/ packrafting shoes.
  • Backpack that will fit all of your packrafting gear. Generally at least 60litres.
  • Hiking clothes (remember we can get all seasons in one day so bring plenty of warm gear).
  • Paddling clothes and a wetsuit or drysuit.
  • Personal first-aid kit (what you would normally bring on a trip).
  • Personal safety/ communication devices eg. PLB or satellite communication devices.
  • Camp clothes, sleeping bag, Tent.
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen, toiletries etc.
  • Food and beverages for the weekend
  • Guitar/musical instruments (optional)

* Required if you wish to participate in organized workshops.

River info :

A river pass is required to navigate the local rivers. River passes can be purchased onsite at Camp Liza or at the Bovec Tourist Office. Price is 3EUR/day or 16EUR/week or 30EUR/season.

Most of the nearby runs are Grade 1/2/ 3  with the occasional 4.

The Grade runs are typically bouldery and narrow and require the ability to assess and navigate hazards such as strainers and sieves. There will be some wood in the river.

Current river flow for the Soca can be found here:

For the different sections and grade please refer to the map below.


Map of the Soca :



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