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The Annual Packrafting Meet-up for Europe was created as a way for the European and International packrafting community to come together to share their passion for the sport. To share safety knowledge and to help protect the rivers we all love. It is organized and run by packrafters, for packrafters and was never intended to be a commercial event. That said, many of the people involved including the organizers own and run packrafting businesses, without their time and support the event simply would not be possible.

The event is organized and run on a volunteer basis, 100% of all monies raised are donated to help support the NGO’s fighting to protect Europe’s Rivers. The “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign, Balkan River Defence,  and River Film Fest EU.

The main organisers for the event are Seon and Michaela Crockford-Laserer who own and run Packraft Europe.

Outline for supporters of the Packrafting Meet-up Europe.

  1. The event is organized and run by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer your time, services, products to support this event you do so entirely on a volunteer basis.
  2. As a supporter of the event you will also be required to register and to make a donation to “Balkan River Defence” or the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” Campaign. The amount of this donation is entirely up to you, however it must be a donation specifically made for the support of this event and not apart of your annual donations or other donations made. Confirmation of your donation is to be sent to The amount you donate will be kept confidential, however the total amount raised by the event will be made public.
  3. If you choose to donate products, prizes, courses, discounts etc to the participant prize draw/ raffle you do so solely of your own accord and the prizes are given freely without any expected compensation. Any unclaimed or unwanted prizes will be returned to you after the event.
  4. As a supporter of the event you are also excluded from the participant prize draw.
  5. Supporters with commercial interests: 5% of all sales or bookings that take place at and during the 5 days of the European Packrafting Meetup are to be dontated (in addition to your registration donation) to either the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign, Balkan River Defence,  or River Film Fest EU.  This donation is to be made within 30days after the event has finished and a copy of the donation confirmation is to be sent to (This is solely to keep track of the total amount raised through the Meet-up).
  6. You are responsible for all and any associated costs such as but not limited to: Camping fee’s, River passes, Food or meals, transport, etc.
  7. By registering as a supporter, you agree and commit to follow the guidelines outlined above.

To apply to become a supporter of the Packrafting Meet-up Europe  please email Seon or Michaela Crockford-Laserer:

This is a working document and will be updated as needed. It is to be used as a guideline for those who wish to offer their support for this event.

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