Welcome to the 2020 annual European Packrafting Meet-up and Packraft Testival for the international packrafting community.


UPDATE 25. August 2020: Due to many travel restrictions in Slovenia, we decided to move this year’s event to the Salza river, Wildalpen, Austria. The date stays the same. The Salza is a very beautiful river in scenic surroundings that offers stretches for all levels.

A big advantage compared to the Soca location is that right in front of the Salza campground is a river section with waves and lots of eddies which makes it really easy to do workshops, clinics and trainings right from the campground. We will be based at the Naturfreunde Wildwasserzentrum Campground on river left. There is also a beautiful trail running upriver.

If you fly, Vienna airport is 2,5h away.

We will NOT update all the sections of this website with the new location info, so you might still read Soca at other places on this website.

The Whitewater Rescue Courses ahead of the meet-up will also take place at Salza river (TUE / TUE+WED), as well as the Beginner Course with Packraft Touren.

Please fill out the registration if you haven’t yet and feel free to send any questions you might have!

See you on the river!

Seon & Michaela Crockford-Laserer, Packraft Europe



This event takes place every year around May 1st, but due to COVID-19 the 2020 Roundup had to be postponed to September. The new dates are: Wednesday, 16th of September – Sunday, 20th of September 2020. The event will be held as usual over 5 days, September 16th is arrival day, the official program will start on September 17th.

The event will have a similar structure to the 2018 & 2019 meet ups and will focus on the same core elements of River Conservation and Safety and Technique Training.  Day one will be an arrival day, days two & three, there will be safety, whitewater rescue and skills training workshops that participants can join if they wish (each workshop is optional and will have limited places available) and on day Four there will be a mini Packraft Adventure Challenge for those that are interested. On all days there will be opportunities for paddlers to get together in small groups to paddle and explore the surrounding rivers and natural beauty of the Soca area.

Packraft Testival: YES there will be also be packrafts and gear available for demo.

The European Packrafting Meet-up is organized by and run by volunteers! 100% of all monies raised are donated to help support the NGO’s fighting to protect Europe’s Rivers. The “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign, Balkan River Defence,  and River Film Fest EU.

If you would like to help support this event (guide, rescue training, workshops, presentations, first aid, travel reports, demo gear, ideas)  please get in touch 😉

All packrafters who wish to attend must register for the event.

Registration for the event will close on Friday the 11th of September 2020.

The Facebook group for the event can be found here.

Who is this event for?

Packrafters 18yrs and older (if younger they must attend with parent/caregivers who take responsibility for them) and people from a hiking or whitewater background who are interested in packrafting. There will be a limited number of demo packrafts and packrafting gear available to try.

Courses before the Meet-up

Packraft Beginners course

It is HIGHLY recommended any absolute beginners take a 2 day beginner packrafting course prior to the meet up. By doing so you will be able to enjoy and learn so much more from the meet up. Annika from Packraft Touren will be offering a 2 day Beginners Packrafting course on the 15th and 16th September just before the meet up.

  • Cost: Per person without rental equipment 175 € (rental equipment can be booked if required, costs rental equipment for 2 days: Packraft 20 € / paddle 10 € / helmet 2 € / wetsuit 4 € / life jacket 4 € / paddle jacket 4 € / shoes 2 € )
  • Language: German and English
  • Maximum: 8 people
  • Course contents: Wet exit and re-entry, basic paddling techniques, fluid mechanics, start with eddy in eddy out.
  • Course start: 15.09.2020 10:00 a.m. Meeting at Camp Liza, prepared to go, Private vehicles are needed if none exist please specify in advance.
  • Every participant is responsible for their Soca permit, before the course.

Registration: info@packraft-touren.com


Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Training Courses (Packraft Specific)

There will be Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician courses being held before and after the meet up at Camp Liza. These will be run by Packraft Europe, the courses will be instructed by Seon Crockford-Laserer and Miha Mihelič.

  • WRT-Foundation (1 day) on the 15th of September, and WRT-Recreational (2 day) on the 15th and 16th of September.

More information and registration can be found here.


Come prepared for all seasons and with an open mind about what sections to paddle. Bring gear for all weather – we could have drizzle, heavy rain, cold temperatures or sunshine…or a combination of everything.

Program outline (Subject to change)

We are still looking for volunteers to help run packrafting workshops and to do group packrafting trips with less experienced paddlers. The more volunteers we have, the more enjoyable it is for everybody, since the group size will be smaller!

DAY 1: Wednesday September 16.

  • Arrive at Naturfreunde Wildwasserzentrum Wildalpen Campground and check in at reception. Let the reception know that you come for the Packrafting Meet-up and they will show you where to camp.
  • Scout: Get to know area, river maps, short hikes, scout rapids.
  • Paddle with friends.
  • Relaxed social evening.

DAY 2: Thursday September 17.

  • Morning 0900-1200:
    • Whole group Introductions: Supporters/ Guides/ River & Safety info.
    • Workshop information.

From here on, we are still updating the programm, as we get confirmations of volunteers and participants. This is a rough outline:

Since Salza river offers many features great for training right in front of the campground, we plan to organise several stations on Thursday and Friday morning, at the river section in front of the campground, where you can learn and train things like whitewater swimming, re-entry in your packraft and recovering packraft & gear, ferry glide, eddy turns, throwbagging, etc

In the afternoons, groups can go paddling different sections on the river and there will also be an experienced packrafter to accompany beginners. You can walk upstream for about 5 km on a beautiful forest trail on river right and paddle back down to camp. This stretch is quite easy and beginner friendly.


Below the initially planed program when the Meet-up was scheduled for May at Soca.

  • Afternoon 1400-1700:
    • Beginner Paddle Technique – 8 persons – Annika Seidl / Packraft Touren
    • Eddy workshop – 30 Min Theory – Open to all. /  2hr practical WW II – III limited to 6 persons – Gabriel Gersch / Outventurous.
    • Interactive workshop on Expedition (bad weather) packing systems – Open to all. – Sebastian Schmidt / Land Water Adventures.
    • Whitewater Rescue Skills – 8 Persons – Seon C-L / Packraft Europe
  • Evening 2030-2400:
    • Presentation – The Vjosa River – Johannes / Land Water Adventures
    • Socializing.

DAY 3: Friday

  • Morning 0900-1200:
    • Advanced Paddle Technique – 8 persons – Annika Seidl / Packraft Touren
    • Self Rescue Skills – 6 persons – Robert Gamweger
    • Whitewater Rescue Skills – 8 Persons – Seon C-L / Packraft Europe
  • Afternoon 1400-1700:
    • Whitewater Rescue Skills – 8 Persons – Seon C-L / Packraft Europe
  • Evening 2030-2400:
    • Evening event
    • Socializing.

DAY 4: Saturday

  • Morning 0900-1200:
    • Packraft Adventure Challenge
  • Afternoon 1400-1700:
    • Bikeraft Adventure Challenge
    • Various group paddles, different rivers, sections, class, levels.
  • Evening 2030-2230:
    • Raffle & Prizes.
    • Party & Socializing.

DAY 5: Sunday

  • Onward to your next adventure 😉


You are responsible for your own safety!

This event has been organized as a chance for like-minded people to get together. You are responsible for your own safety on and off the water at all times. Having said that, there will be plenty of local and experienced packrafters who can provide support and share tips and ideas.

To participate in organized workshops and trainings on the river you must wear a CE approved Whitewater helmet (not a bike helmet) and  a CE approved whitewater PFD.


Thanks for coming along!  If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us.


For more packrafting and river conservation events, click here. You can also sign up to the Packraft Europe newsletter, where we publish updates on packrafting & conservation events.

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